Letter from George Capsis

To: PACC   (President Avenue Community Church ) Kirrawee, Sydney NSW.

From:  Community Outreach Ministries Inc. Miranda & Cronulla, NSW.

From Rev George Capsis   15 -10 – 2009

A letter of gratitude, as we work toward our common goal.

On behalf of C.O.M, I am pleased to write to you regarding the great sense of encouragement being experienced in a number of areas. Number one is the blessing of new faith and joy for individuals. I have received a variety of wonderful reports concerning a genuine welcoming and assistance for our newcomers, many of whom arrive under great stress, until introduced to the kind people at PACC. This is an example of the wonderful, supportive, partnership in the spirit that has developed between Community Outreach Ministries and President Avenue Community Church. It has clearly blossomed over the last few years, and proved such a comfort. God has provided a safe, comfortable and warm environment for spiritual healing and development, right here in the quiet streets of Kirrawee, built in such an unassuming way.

As I have also declared in the past, that the President Avenue Community Church Family is definitely doing something right, as evidenced by the many other positive outcomes throughout all layers of local society. Many schoolteachers, other Church members, parents, children, and even local business folk have all felt the positive effects of this church in some way. A great reflection of God’s glory.

May God continue to guide and keep you in his ways of peace and life, as you  remain  focussed on the command of Jesus, that we should love one another and act out of compassion and grace for each other.